Harbour View coaches get certified

October 27, 2022
Clyde Jureidini
Clyde Jureidini

Three coaches at Harbour View are currently tackling the Jamaica Football Federation's (JFF) 'D' Licence coaching course and general manager, Clyde Jureidini, is praising their qualification efforts.

The three-week course at Spanish Town High under the auspices of the St Catherine Football Association includes Harbour View's Sean Fraser, Oneil Smith and Sydney McFarlane, who were a part of the coaching panel that guided Harbour View to the Jamaica Premier League (JPL) title last season.

Jureidini envisions the qualification of the trio will not only be fruitful for Harbour View, but for their personal growth as well.

"It should make an impact as coaching is a journey. It's good for them to continue their learning process and be certified, which is always something we recommend. A coaching experience is not how well you do, or how many certifications you have, it's the experience and the know-how," said Jureidini.

The coaching programme, which started on Sunday, is an initiative of the JFF. Following a three-year hiatus, Jureidini believes the resumption is paramount in getting local coaches their proper certification in the field of football.

"It's very important and very good that the JFF, along with Concacaf in the last year, has reorganised themselves and started putting on coaching courses. It's part of the education process in sports and the sport of football. We've (HVFC) always encouraged our coaches and players to get involved and broaden their knowledge," the general manager added.

The experienced administrator cited the possibility of an imminent lift in the standard of schoolboy football and the JPL with the increase of certified local coaches, although he argues that this might not translate to a better brand of football.

"Nothing is guaranteed, but it should. Coaching is not something based on how well you perform in the classroom, it's how well you have that knowledge, adapt and mould the persons that you teach on the pitch, and over a period of time that experience is as much a necessary ingredient as the tutoring and certificate," he said.

Jureidini was also quick to commend the efforts of the JFF for ensuring that the programme, which had stalled in previous years, was back on track and allowing local coaches the chance of elevating themselves with an appropriate set of qualifications.

"The initiative is good, and hopefully it will continue to improve. It has just started, it may not be at the high level that other similar coaching courses are internationally, but step by step we'll get there and the experience will no doubt be a bonus to all who participate in it over time," Jureidini opined.

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