Get ‘naked’ for your partner now

March 31, 2020

When it comes to attraction and sexual arousal, the physical appearance has always been a very important point of contact between potential partners.

As a matter of fact, in many cases, the physical appearance is what piqued the interest in that partner to begin with.

This is especially so when a couple meets each other for the first time in an entertainment environment, where the lighting is sometimes not very bright, or their vision is impaired by the alcoholic beverages consumed in this environment.

In the light of day, that person can look very different, possibly even affecting the level of attraction that was initially felt.

Another part of the equation is the enhancements – make-up, bleaching products, contouring shapewear, wigs, even padding in certain body parts – which we wear.

These enhancements and accessories can be applied so well that they can create a completely different look and make someone appear completely different.


As we adjust to the new world that we now live in and so many of us are physically stuck in the same place, some of the trappings, buffers and accessories that we used to employ are not as useful.

Now, with most of the beauty salons closed or operating at a minimum, non-essential surgeries being cancelled, and bleaching cream availability limited, many of the items required for maintenance are not readily available.

So how will some people look after the stay-at-home order is lifted? Will it be possible to recognise them? After the hair grows out, the original skin tone and body shape returns, and the original eyebrows return, it will be very interesting to see who will emerge from the residences when we return to normal, everyday life after COVID-19.

Some couples are meeting each other all over again, and not just physically. But as they spend so much more time together than usual, they get to see the parts of each other that they were able to hide with activities and entertainment.

This is especially challenging because some people were not honest about who they were at the beginning of the relationship, and now some of the lies are manifesting themselves through closer scrutiny.

COVID-19 has given us a specific gift, and that is one of opportunity. Use this time to be more open and honest with each other.

Show your partner what you look like completely naked – physically and emotionally. Have real, open conversations with each other about who you really are, what you really want, and how you can move forward with each other in a closer relationship at the end of this pandemic.

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