Ex-girlfriend said I slept with her aunt

January 20, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am not an educated man. I did not do well in school, but I am learning from the callers on your show.

If I should go back to school, I would make straight As. There are some callers who I need to big up, but I wouldn't even start because the list would be too long. I started listening to you because my then girlfriend was always telling me about your show. Anytime we had an argument, she told me that she would call you and expose me. So I started listening, even when she was asleep.

She was always accusing me of having other women. Sometimes she was right. She even accused me of sleeping with her aunt and I was very hurt. Her aunt and I got along well and, whenever she needed help, she used to call me. I did not know my girlfriend was so jealous. So, when she accused me of sleeping with her aunt, I stopped going to her aunt's house. But she did not stop accusing me.

Once, she threatened to poison me, so I told myself that I should leave her. I stopped her from cooking for me, and any drink she had in the refrigerator, I did not partake of it. Finally, I decided to leave. So I rented a place and started living by myself. The only thing I took from the house was a two-burner stove I had bought a couple of months before that.

My brother told me that I should take away the bed and I said no. I left the bed, the dining table and the refrigerator. I took a day off from work and packed up what I had in the house. When the van man came, my girlfriend stood at the door and told me I was not leaving. My brother was there and he told her that, if she didn't move, he would push her away. So she moved and, when I got to the van, she stared to bawl and said she didn't mean anything she said about her aunt and me. It was too late.

I am a 50-year-old man and I never thought I would have given her up, but she went too far. I am now living with a woman who is 67. She is treating me well. She is also jealous, but she does not nag me. The type of work I do, lots of women are around me and they are always calling me. I took some advice from my older brother. He told me not to put any password on my phone, not to turn it down, and not excuse myself to answer the phone when anyone calls. I told this woman that she can always go into my phone and search it if she believes that I have another girlfriend.

We have been living together for two years and this woman has helped to change me. She has children and they come around and show me respect. I am building a house. I hope I will be able to finish this house, marry this woman and move in.

This other woman messaged me through some of her friends, but I didn't even respond. I will never go back to her. Sometimes when I hear on your show what women have done to men, I don't doubt it at all because this woman who accused me of having sex with her aunt could have destroyed me. But I was too strong for her.


Dear W.E.,

I am happy to know that you listen to the Dear Pastor Show and I am also very glad that you broke up the relationship that you had with the woman who accused you of having a sexual relationship with her aunt. She didn't know how to control her tongue and it got her into trouble. I can imagine how disappointed her aunt felt. She must have also been very angry. So, brother, you did the right thing by ending the relationship with her and by moving out of the house.

Your present woman is older than you, but evidently both of you love each other. I hope that you will be able to build a nice house for the both of you to live in and to enjoy. Your brother has stood with you; keep close to him. This woman's children respect you and that is how it ought to be.


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