Not an easy road for St Mary’s Rangers FC

January 05, 2023
Rangers FC president Meloney Henry
Rangers FC president Meloney Henry

Life in the Jamaica Women's Premier League (JWPL) has not started in the best way for St Mary-based club Rangers FC.

The team has lost all three games to date, including a 20-0 trashing by Frazsiers Whip, while they failed to show for the latest game against Real MoBay after their bus developed mechanical problems.

However, club president Meloney Henry pointed out that an inexperienced squad and injuries resulted in their big defeat to Frazsiers.

Nevertheless, she insists they remain undaunted as they are in it for the long haul.

"We have a mixed group with many young girls and they require more experience, so they will get some big defeats here and there but we are doing good," Henry pointed out.

Nevertheless, she has seen some improvement since the start of the season and put the Frazsiers' defeat down to the injuries they had for that game.

"A lot of the players went into that game injured. At one point, while the game was in progress we had five players on the sideline getting medical assistance. Some had groin injuries, others knee injuries. So they couldn't do too much and that was the reason for that scoreline.

"But we are getting better. For the game last Wednesday we had one of our best teams and we were expecting better result," she said.

Their last game against Real MoBay was called off after the team bus developed mechanical troubles and arrived late for the game but Henry said they remain steadfast in their desire to improve and get better.

"I try my best at all times to honour our fixtures,"Henry said. "We had a terrible scoreline in that (Frazsiers) game but I wouldn't use that to knock the team.

"But even if we get 20-0 from the start of the competition to the finish, we are going to turn up and try our best.

"Even if it is to have the minimum seven players to turn up we are going to play because I am a committed person.

"In the long term this experience will serve the girls well and will help them to improve and get better, but maybe we will not really see that competitiveness until they have gathered some experience," she added.

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