Obeahman claims he has winning Super Lotto spell - ... but it may be deadly

March 09, 2023

Popular obeahman Ruben Williams says he has the spell to make an individual $475 million richer, but winning the Super Lotto via that means could result in deadly consequences.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Williams, who claimed to have won the lottery a few years back, said that he does not recommend this sort of spell, but will not turn away any customer who is willing to pay for the service.

"If dem want it, it up to dem enuh, but because of how dangerous it can be, is not something mi would recommend. This spell, however, is very expensive, because memba say is millions the person aguh win and dem winnings is sure," he said.

Williams said while the potential lottery winner may bask in luxury for the rest of his/her life, they have to be prepared to sacrifice the life or health of one of their loved ones.

"You have to sacrifice something big for those winnings, and is not like dem know who dem going to dead (kill) for it. I will tell yuh say by the time dem fi get that money, I must warn that this may come with very deadly consequences, because is not like they can choose who they want to die, it's the spirit who gonna do the choosing," he said.

He says he has assisted a number of persons to win Cash Pot and casino, and has even made a Canadian into a millionaire years ago. He, however, stated that no one has contacted him so far in relation to the Super Lotto top prize.

"Yuh have to build a certain relationship with certain financial spirits, and they will dream you and give you winning numbers. If a man really waan win di Super Lotto him can come check mi and mi put him inna di money magic bible, and him have to gonna be able to agree to what him willing to do, because him life nah guh be the same again. A man from Canada pay me $3,000 Canadian to win the lotto inna him country, and him win about a month later enuh," Williams said.

The St Thomas-based obeahman then provided a few details on how the spell is cast.

"The ritual has to do with the moon and water. A gold candle is involved, and you have to write your name on a paper and burn it on the candle and use some incense. Yuh have to say certain things, breathe on the water and pour the water in the earth," he advised. "It will attract the money spirit dem and dem will dream yuh. All of that is done until the moon is full; and after it full, that is when yuh start gamble."

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