Peacemaker gets into fight at police station

January 25, 2023

A Kingston woman who tried to quell a dispute between her cousin and another woman found herself behind bars, as she attacked the woman at a police station.

The defendant, Latoya Bryan, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and disorderly conduct on Tuesday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

It was shared that on January 10, Bryan reportedly used a cell phone to hit the complainant in her head and face, causing swelling to the region of the left eye.

"She [the complainant] came to the yard and I tried to assist as best as possible by not allowing my cousin to get in conflict. After that, Ms [the complainant] went to the police and come back with a bottle of acid and said she would throw it on one of us. She said that none of us not bad and she going set an example. So, I went to the station to also complain about Ms [the complainant] and when I saw her, I really lost my temper," Bryan recounted.

"That happened at the station? Your head hot, man," Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque expressed.

"I suspect that's why you were not offered bail. So, you see, you start serve your sentence from before you reach me," she added.

Judge Cole-Montaque chided the actions of the 31-year-old, stressing that she is "old enough" to know that her behaviour is not acceptable.

However, the matter was prematurely adjourned as the complainant was not present. Bryan was told that she would have to make compensation.

"You see when you cause that sort of bodily injury, to the point that the person has a cut and that sort of thing, I think it is appropriate that you pay some money," the senior jurist said.

"Yes, Your Honour, I am willing to," Bryan replied.

The matter was set for mention on February 16. A subpoena was issued for the complainant and Bryan was remanded in custody until then.

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