Woman begs court to return compensation money

January 20, 2023

A mother of two pleaded with a parish judge if she could get back the $40,000 she paid as compensation in a case that has been before the court for three years.

The defendant, Paula Oxford, reportedly got involved in an argument with the complainant, who is her neighbour. Oxford reportedly used a bucket to hit the complainant and bit him on his finger. It was shared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that Oxford paid the money in compensation on a previous occasion. But on Thursday, she asked parish judge Jacqueline Wilcott to have the monies returned to her as she has fallen on hard times.

"Me nuh have nuh bed a sleep pon miss, me a ask if me coulda get back the $40,000 fi buy a bed fi me and me pickney dem. Me pickney dem a catch all cold cause we a sleep pon the raw mattress. My house burn down and now me affi kotch, me a kotch wid the two mattrass and me two pickney dem. Me woulda like fi the case done and me get back the $40,000 so me can buy a bed frame," Oxford said. She also asked the judge to discontinue the matter, after pointing out that the complainant had failed to attend court for the past three years.

"This thing, me want it done now miss. This nuh fair, a him send police pon me. A three time now him nuh come, it unfair, this unfair," the defendant Paula Oxford begged.

"This look unfair. Me guh over City Centre [Police Station] guh spend two nights. It look unfair. Me pay $40,000 and go over deh go spend two night. It unfair," Oxford added.

But the woman's pleas did not faze the judge, who indicated that the matter would continue.

"Are you finished ma'am? Even with all of that, please realise that someone had to go and find you. So the matter would proceed," judge Wilcott said.

The matter was adjourned until February 16 to facilitate the complainant's attendance.

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