Friend says murdered UK resident had turned life around

January 06, 2023

A close friend of UK resident Sean Patterson, who was shot dead by a gunman at a guest house in St James, on Monday, says that although he had a criminal past, he had started a new path.

"Everyone who knew him would say he was a gentleman, so well-mannered and polite. He turned his life around and was working so hard," she said.

Her comments come amid a declaration by Deputy Superintendent of Police Fitz Bailey, that Patterson was known to UK law enforcement and had a criminal record. This included a number of offences such as narcotics and firearm. Bailey also said investigations are pointing to his murder as a contract killing that emanated from Britain.

Patterson was previously convicted for the murder of a schoolboy and was charged with a PS2,000 jewellery robbery in 2012. However, he failed to appear in court.

His friend, from her home in the UK, said she cherished a friendship with Patterson for 17 years, and supported his decision to become a personal trainer.

"He was the kindest, funniest and caring person ever. I could talk to him about anything, he always made an effort to put a smile on my face. He was more than a friend to me, we were very close," she said.

She added that Patterson, 33, was vacationing in Jamaica for the first time and said that she spoke with him mere hours before he died.

"He was so happy to be in Jamaica and was looking forward to the new year. Sean had planned a holiday to Jamaica for years to see his family roots and because he loved Jamaican culture. He invited me to come out for a few days for my birthday on Friday and I was making plans to," she related.

She said Patterson's family has been plunged into mourning. His mother, Lesley Wright, posted a tribute on social media.

"It's hard to come to terms with the fact that he is gone. We are absolutely devastated, I keep breaking down in tears. His mother is in pieces of course. Sean was her baby and he brought her so much joy. He was a good son," the friend told THE WEEKEND STAR.

A suspect has been taken into custody in connection with Patterson's death.

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