Homeless woman seeks shelter for Christmas

November 25, 2022
Nikeisha Smith
Nikeisha Smith

Four years ago, THE STAR came across Nikeisha Smith in St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston.

As she sat with an overnight bag beside her, she stated that she had recently become homeless, but her pride would not allow her to ask for assistance. She told the news team that she would make the effort to get her life back on track, but things did not go the way she hoped. When she walked into THE STAR offices on Thursday, the 43-year-old mother of one said she is extremely broken and is hoping that her wish of spending the Yuletide season with a suitable roof over head will be granted. She stated that she is still homeless and is reaching out to the public for assistance.

"Is approximately five years mi out inna the streets a try. One a di time mi meet someone and did live with di person, but mi back out again because things didn't work out. Mi nuh wah live like this enuh and I am not a worthless person. When mi a grow up, mi did want to own mi own business. Outta road nuh nice enuh. If somebody could just help mi get a roof over mi head and a job, mi would be grateful," she said. The tears streamed down her face as she explained how difficult it has been for her living on the streets.

"You will lose yuh life on the streets. A nuff time mi deh places and man come a ask mi if 'mi a do business'. A whole heap a time dem ask mi if mi a sell mi body and when mi tell dem no, dem will cuss and get really aggressive. A lot of things reach mi on the road, some of which mi can't talk about. Sometimes mi go to di shelter, but things not always what dem seem at the shelter," she said.

According to Smith, she does not have any family support, but is extremely grateful that even though she does not get along with her mother, she is able to assist her with her six-year-old daughter.

"One a di greatest wish is if mi could spend Christmas under the same roof with mi daughter. She live with my mother who take good care of her, but mi miss her a lot of di time. Mi tired fi a sleep with one eye open and mi nuh wah go live at any man's place. Mi just want some help to make things right," she said.

Persons wishing to assist Smith may contact her via telephone at 876 310 7246.

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