Reader donates wheelchair to disabled Hanover resident


January 22, 2019
Albert Ferguson photo Gwendolyn Russell relaxes in her brand new wheelchair which was donated by Notoya Davis-Burrell, a reader. Star Writer Okoye Henry (left) shakes hands with Veronica Gray in the background.

Notoya Davis-Burrell, a resident of Clarendon, has come to the assistance of 85-year-old Gwendolyn Russell of Forrest in Hanover, who, her family members said, was in need of a wheelchair.

"As a family, we are very happy that WESTERN STAR was able to highlight the need of my aunt, to the point that a perfect stranger, all the way from Clarendon, could read her story and stretch her hand to help," Veronica Gray said.

"Personally, I must give God thanks for answering our prayers, and to Mrs Davis-Burrell for responding to our appeal for help," Gray added.

WESTERN STAR reported on December 11, 2018, that Russell, an elderly woman, was in need of a wheelchair. Russell's left leg was amputated approximately 60 years ago in a train accident.

"With this wheelchair, my aunt will be able to sit up when she is tired of laying down in bed; plus I can take her comfortably to church and she will be able to sit on her verandah or in her yard, where she can get fresh air," Gray said.

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