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October 01, 2015

Gadget allows dogs to take selfie

A dog selfie gadget has been invented. The clever contraption includes a tennis ball that can be attached to a mobile phone and is used to encourage the canine to hold their gaze.

The company, Pooch Selfie, who came up with it think it's the 'best' way to take a pet selfie-snap. They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "As pet lovers, we are unable to help ourselves from taking tons pictures of them. Turn the attention to your smartphone's front facing camera and use Pooch Selfie to capture the best selfies you'll ever take with your pup. Sometimes you just want to grab a shot of their good looking mug and share it with the world!"

black bun Whopper burger for Halloween

Burger King has introduced a black bun for its signature Whopper burger in time for Halloween.

The doughy accompaniment to the beefy delight has been given a make-over as part of a limited edition festive menu by the fast food chain. The Halloween bun was inspired by Japan's popular Black Burger and will taste scarily the same as its Whopper predecessor, but with a BBQ flavour baked into the bread. The fast food chain also launched the Pumpkin Spice Latte as part of the Burger King Halloween line-up that will be available at participating restaurants nationwide until October 31.

man unpacks cannabis in front tourists

A man unpacked PS6 million worth of cannabis on a beach whilst tourists stood and watched in awe.

A video showing the crowd of tourists who gathered on the Costa del Sol shore as burly men transport the drugs casually across the beach has gone viral since it occurred. Witnesses filmed the scenes and some called the police but the criminals were not deterred. Spain is the entry into Europe for cannabis and British fugitives flock there as they see the illegal trade as an easy way to make money on the run. Cocaine also pours into Spain from South America whilst cannabis resin is commonly shipped from Morocco.

unfamiliar wedding anniversary milestones

Half of people aren't familiar with traditional wedding anniversary milestones like silver, ruby and gold.

Research by One4All, the Post Office gift card range, found that one out of two people also think that gifts associated with wedding anniversaries neglect male preferences whilst one in 10 feel that they're old fashioned. Exchanging cards, having dinner or going on a romantic short break are the modern ways to celebrate the years of marriage. However, the study concluded that not many people forget their anniversary - only four per cent - and just six per cent have to be reminded by their partners that it's coming up.

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