General B vows to end Boom Box Fridays

September 12, 2023
General B
General B

Even as veteran dancehall artiste General B is experiencing intense pain and inner turmoil after being pushed off the stage, and then having to fight his way out of Boom Box Fridays, he is planning his next move.

One of his options is taking out an injunction halting the staging of the event. The popular platform, which showcases up-and-coming talent as well as established acts, hosts a live event every Friday - which is streamed globally. It was officially formalised by General B and deejay Harry Toddler during the pandemic. The late Boom Dandimite was also an integral part.

However, tension has been brewing between Harry Toddler and General B since May when the former took to social media to air some grievances relating to the event. The two artistes were part of a 90s Badness section at Reggae Sumfest in July, but reports are that they have not spoken to each other since. However, they were both marked present at Boom Box last Friday at Sugar Minott's studio in Kingston.

A now viral video of the event showed part of what played out, leading to a dreadlocked man pushing General B off the stage.

"It come in like the fall from the stage shake up the whole of mi inside. Right now mi foot dem mash up," General B told THE STAR, adding that while he has sought medical attention, he has not made any formal reports to the police.

"Mi never expect that. Mi not even know how fi deal with the situation ... but Boom Box Fridays can't keep again. I can put out an injunction ... mi coulda do that long time, but a just true the people. The whole world a call mi ...and even oonu, STAR. Mi wish is a song mi did go viral with," General B added.

He detailed his ordeal after the push, noting that he somehow fell on his feet, but didn't feel anything at the time "because of the adrenalin rush".

"All when mi drop mi couldn't believe seh dem push mi off the stage. Mi grab the video man camera and piece of iron bruk offa it and a that mi use and a stab offa dem when dem rush mi. A fight me a fight my way out ... and all at one point mi a wonder what a go happen to me. Mi nuh know where mi find the strength from .... but mi use it ... right now mi a get emotional yuh know," the Nicky singer said.

General B called out Harry Toddler, his friend and co-worker of 30 years for not coming to his defence. But Harry Toddler, who made it clear that he was not ready to talk, stated in a brief interview with THE STAR, that he did not approve of General B being shoved off the stage and he did not see when it happened. He said he had been sent inside Sugar Minott's studio in an effort to ease the tension that had taken place on stage shortly before. He said that when he heard the screaming he broke away from his team and went to investigate and rushed to General B's defence.

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