Gully Bop struggles - Artiste faces health, financial issues

August 21, 2023
Recording artiste Gully Bop.
Recording artiste Gully Bop.

Severe health challenges and financial woes have pushed Body Specialist deejay Gully Bop into the spotlight once more, however, following an appeal made last Friday by social media personality and humanitarian Donna 'Aunty Donna' Growe, he has found himself in the midst of drama.

Pastor Chris Tate, of El'Shaddai Prophetic Ministries, escorted a frail looking Gully Bop to Aunty Donna's house, in a bid for her to use her platform to raise funds for the destitute entertainer who is suffering from kidney disease.

Aunty Donna called on two of Gully Bop's exes, A'mari DJ Mona Lisa and Shauna Controlla to come to his aid in his time of need. She also quizzed Gully Bop about his children, and he said that although he had been a good father they did not return his kindness.

One of Gully Bop's daughters has since publicly denounced him, while A'mari told THE STAR that although she felt pity for the entertainer, it is his wife who Aunty Donna should have called out, not her.

"I woke up on Saturday to this matter about Gully Bop needing help and I felt compassion in my heart. I got in touch with the pastor ... but while in bed and reflecting on the entire thing, I said to myself 'Hold on a minute, but isn't this man a married man?' So why they send and call me? His wife Deborrah Nicholson was right by his side when they did the interview with STAR," A'mari said, in reference to a 2018 interview in which Gully Bop had stated that Nicholson's name would soon be changed to Malcolm.

Gully Bop's real name is Robert Lee Malcolm.

A'mari said that her fans were upset with Aunty Donna for coming at her and she understands why they are offended".

"I respect Aunty Donna's work, but I just believe that the letter was addressed to the wrong person. This angel remembers that Nico mash up mi life deh pon di street never have nutten fi eat. Mi ask him fi help mi him sey not a b--cleet," A'mari said, quoting the lyrics of her hit song, Nico.

"It's not about being revengeful. Gully Bop is Nico and I don't interfere in people's marriages. If Gully Bop should pass on right now, his wife is entitled to everything, including his body."

When quizzed about his wife, Gully Bop told THE STAR that he has not heard from her since he has been sick, but suggested that the marriage was not real.

"Deborrah... Deborrah Nicholson. A foreign she live. Mi nuh hear from her no time. ... We never stand up in front of nuh pastor," Gully Bop said.

With regard to his health issues, Gully Bop explained that he did surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital 18 months ago, and one year ago he did a kidney transplant.

"He got a new kidney but he is still not able to function the way he want to. He is still healing and using the bags ... and people are trying to hold him down in every way they can. This is a life and death situation that need spiritual healing as well," said Pastor Tate, who stressed that God sent him to Bop's aid.

"He needs assistance to buy food and medication to improve his health," Tate said.

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