Peaches Adaba and Sponge Music release ‘Sometimes’

May 30, 2023
Peaches Adaba
Peaches Adaba

Emerging face of dancehall Peaches Adaba has teamed up with prolific producer Sponge Music for her latest single, Sometimes.

The emotionally charged single showcases Peaches Adaba's distinctive, sultry vocals with a catchy hook and powerful lyrics.

Sometimes, which was released on May 19, explores the themes of friendships, betrayal and self-discovery. The composition speaks to anyone seeking comfort from the pain of hurt caused by misplaced trust. In contrast to her previous release Guilty Pleasure, Sometimes exposes a more introspective and vulnerable side of the St Thomas-born Peaches Adaba, revealing raw emotions that speak of her journey and personal growth.

This collaboration with Sponge Music, who has worked with dancehall top-tier acts such as Alkaline, Dexta Daps and Beenie Man, is the next step in Peaches Adaba's meteoric rise to stardom.

"It was a thrilling experience to collaborate with Sponge, who has created hits with some of the dancehall's top names. Working with him was an exciting learning experience. He brought some fantastic ideas to the song, which significantly contributed to the final product's quality. I am grateful for the chance to work with someone as talented as Sponge, and I am excited to see the response of the public to the song," said Peaches Adaba.

The artiste, along with Adaba Records, also released a stunning music video for Sometimes, which complements the song's emotive lyrics, taking viewers on a journey through the emotions involved in friendships.

As Peaches Adaba begins to make waves in the music industry, Sometimes stands as a testament to her growth as an artiste and her commitment to creating music that speaks to the heart.

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