Singer J salutes uncle Bob Andy with ‘My Time’

February 03, 2023
Singer J
Singer J
Bob Andy
Bob Andy

Reggae crooner Singer J feels honoured to be able to do ultimate justice to a single by his uncle, the late Bob Andy.

My Time, which was produced by Singer J's own SOL Records, is a direct cover of Andy's single released in 1970, and will be a part of the Bob Andy tribute album by Singer J that will be released in a few weeks. My Time will be released later this month. Singer J feels that this cover is extremely special because of the family connection. He also believes this strengthens the continuation of Andy's legacy in music.

"I feel great to be able to do something like this for my uncle and I know I've done the single justice. Persons have been commenting that my unique vocals have given the track a new sound and that's what I was aiming for," Singer explained.

The cover is the first release from the tribute album, which is also produced by SOL Records. The label is working closely with Benji from Frenz For Real studios who also played an integral role in Singer J"s mega Hit Can't Stop Me Now which was released in 2017.

"Frenz For Real is like family for decades, so working with Benji and the team is a no-brainer. The work is solid and we are just looking forward to put some promotion behind the entire project," Singer J added.

Andy passed away last March at the age of 75. Since then, members of the music fraternity have been showing their love and appreciation for the musical giant. His hit singles include I've Got To Go Back Home and Too Experienced, renditions of which are also featured on the tribute album. Singer J is also featured on the title track for Tanya Stephen's recent album Some Kind Of Madness.

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