Gospel still has a place in dancehall – Pamputtae

February 02, 2023

For several months, recording artiste Pamputtae has been exploring different sounds and genres, and for some reason, her lyrics have been on a divine path.

She said that in spite of the negativity being promoted in dancehall, there is still a need for hardcore artistes to deliver spiritual messages.

"We find that negativity a sell more than positivity these days, but I continue to be inspired by everyday life, things I've been through and just the overall journey in music," Pamputtae told THE STAR.

Almost a year ago, Pamputtae collaborated with gospel singer-songwriter Taneisha Shaw on a track, God and Time, which she said has become a popular request, although the official music video for the song amassed less views than her more raunchy tracks. She has released another gospel-like single titled Grateful, but said that she is not putting it into a genre.

"It's reggae, it's dancehall, it's gospel. I don't want to put it in a category but Jamaica needs songs like this to uplift our spirit, because the young youths gone on to a different path. There is too much focus on negative things. Plus, gospel still has a place in dancehall," she said, noting that some of dancehall's biggest stars have recorded songs giving thanks or quoting the Bible.

Dancehall entertainers like Lt Stitchie, Papa San, Chevelle Franklyn, Spice, Beenie Man, and Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) have performed gospel music in the middle of a dance and some have since given their lives fully to God. Pamputtae said that while she has always admired her colleagues for embracing Christianity, and has in the past expressed a desire to serve God and to minister the holy word, she believes that God has placed her where she is now.

"A person doesn't have to be Christian to speak positive messages or share the word. Is whatever God ordaining and him put me where I belong. A nuh like say I'm running down anything to become a preacher or minister," Pamputtae said.

"I am always praying and speaking positivity over my life and to my audience. There was never a time I gave up or was not grateful. I am always grateful for where the music has taken me and all that I have achieved as an artiste and mother. I can't say if my next track will be gospel because is the Lord will tell and the music speaks to me. It could be tonight, it's whatever motivation I get," she continued.

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