weird news


January 23, 2019

weird news

A bakery in Finland is creating and selling bread that's made using flour created from "crushed crickets".

The bakery has been making bread using the peculiar technique, which requires as many as 70 crickets for each loaf of bread.

The company imports the cricket flour from the Netherlands because it allows their bread to contain more protein than 'normal' bread.

Markus Hellstrom, the CEO of Fazer Bakery, said: "The crickets are in the form of flour, and they have been ground as a whole cricket and then made into dough and then baked to a very delicious product.

"We wanted to be in the forefront of the food revolution. We want to boost growth in the bread category with handmade artisanal bread, also in the future.

"In the Fazer in-store bakeries, we can easily bake and test different kinds of novelties. The first-in-the-world Fazer Cricket Bread is a great example of this."

Finland recently lifted the ban on the sale of insects to be used in food.

A police officer in Florida ran over two people who were lying in a dark roadway to watch Sunday night's lunar eclipse.

West Palm Beach Police told The Palm Beach Post newspaper that the man and the woman were treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said that around 11:30 p.m., at the height of the eclipse, the officer was patrolling in a park and driving around five miles per hour when his vehicle struck the pair.

Because the park was "extremely dark," officials believe they were trying to watch the eclipse when they were run over.

Police said that the man and the woman were both 24 years old, and that the officer has been placed on administrative leave.